Since the 2016 election of President Trump the economy has yielded the strongest and longest sustained growth on record while boasting the lowest unemployment levels in our history, including but not limited to lowest unemployment for communities of color particularly black and Hispanic Americans. While Chairman Jackson strongly supports the efforts of the Trump Administration to ensure this economic success remains, Sean also believes there is more that can be accomplished, specifically for the Central Florida community. From sprawling agriculture and rural nature that exemplifies the true renaissance of Florida to the innovation and eclectic new ingenuity that derives from our next generation of Americans who drive our economy, Here’s key steps that Sean will take as Congressman:

Corporate Headquarter Recruitment

Sean will work to recruit corporations like JetBlue, Lockheed Martin, Atlas Air and General Maritime to relocate their headquarters to the Central Florida area in an effort to reorganize Central Florida as a mecca for the Aerospace and Defense industries.

President Trump’s Trade Deal Negotiations

With the renegotiating of NAFTA and China Trade Deals President Trump continues to prove that he understands the “Art of the Deal”. Sean will work with President Trump to create trade deals that mirror the negotiations of the USMCA specifically for the countries of Germany, Paris, Great Britain and Russia.

Inland Port

As Central Florida sits between Port Tampa Bay, the largest seaport in the State of Florida and Port Canaveral, Sean will work with local and state government officials to identify approximately 1,000 acres of land for the creation of a cargo distribution center that will serve all of Florida as a centralized location to transfer cargo that will ultimately be distributed into all corners of the State of Florida and the south eastern United States. This inland Port will be equipped with a runway for air traffic and a cold storage that can receive and hold perishable cargo such as seafood, flowers and fruit from Chile, Peru, Columbia and other countries. With 80% of perishable cargo coming into the United States via Miami in addition to Miami’s lack of space for perishable storage, this inland port will allow for more storage in addition to the cutting of over 300 miles of trucking each way round trip to transfer goods from south to central Florida. The inland Port would be an FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) and will create approximately 1,300 full-time jobs.

Space Force Headquartered in Central Florida

With the creation of the 6th branch of the military, Sean will work to encourage President Trump and the Trump Administration to locate the headquarters of the Space Force in Orlando just 40 minutes west of the space coast, Cape Canaveral. With Washington DC overgrown and out of space for development of structures capable of housing a new military branch, Orlando would be an ideal geographical location to house the Space Force, making it easy for the Space Force to work in partnership with NASA, at their headquarters in Cape Canaveral. This new headquarter will offer Central Florida up to 900 new full-time jobs.

New Naval & Air Force Bases

Florida is the southeastern entry to the United States and serves as the easiest port of entry via water for any foreign agent who intends to do us harm. Though Florida is home to 21 existing military bases, most being centrally located in the Jacksonville area, Florida desperately lacks the Naval and Air Force presence essential to ensuring that the United States southern most tip is prepared for battle. Sean will immediately encourage President Trump to authorize the building of a new Naval Base at Port Canaveral and a new Air Force Base in Orlando adjacent to MCO that both will be responsible for the training and preparing of soldiers to be deployed to combat, in addition to working in tandem with the United States Coast Guard to protect the borders and unique waterways of Florida and the United States. These bases will serve as support to the already existing 21 bases in Florida and will be equipped with “tax-free” grocery stores, hospitals, drug stores and gas stations. Sean will seek to make these bases two of the largest in the United States, making way for 32,000 new direct jobs and thousands more indirect jobs in addition to a $21 Billion dollar revenue increase for the Central Florida economy.

Small Business Protection

Though large corporations drive our Nations economy globally, its the small business owners who directly impact our local economies. We often forget about the sacrifice these hard working men and women make to ensure that they help community thrive while maintaining their own quality of life. Small businesses with one owner pay a 13.3% tax rate on average and ones with more than one owner pay 23.6% on average. Sean will introduce “HOBA” legislation (Help Out Small Business Act) that will do the following:

  • Lower Self Employment Tax from 15.3% to 12.2% and offer an year to year “opt – out” option for contributing to medicare if owner is over the age of 60 and maintains private healthcare.
  • Lower Payroll tax from 7.25% to 5.9%
  • Make Capital Gains Tax on investments a flat 10% instead of it varying from 15% to 20%
  • Waive taxation of federal income tax and payroll tax for both the company and employee for the first 5 years of operation to encourage the creation of nursing schools, nursing staffing companies, nursing home facilities and new nurses in an effort to encourage Americans to enter into the depleted healthcare field.
  • Waive taxation of federal income tax and payroll tax for both the company and employee for the first two years of operations to encourage Americans to become truck drivers and start their own independent trucking companies. Independent trucking companies allows for competition of strong salaries and meaningful bonuses and incentives between an individual trucker and truckers driving for large corporations.
  • Require banks to offer loans with deffered interest rates of 0% for the first 3 years of the loan for the industries of healthcare nursing, trucking and store-front retail.
  • Require banks to offer loans with deffered interest rates of 0% for the first year of the loan for start up companies geographically located in local CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) districts and federally identified opportunity zones.
  • Prohibit governments ability to force companies to pay minimum wage as the responsibility of wage growth should and must remain with the employees desire to want to earn more.